Get Wired

House refurbishment and new build projects

Our team are very used to being involved in building projects, whether it is a new build project or more commonly a property undergoing refurbishment or extension.

We will meet with the client and discuss requirements, and work closely with project professionals such as architects, builders, electricians and interior designers.

After initial consultation we will prepare a proposal, and from there design the system and produce a wiring schematic ready for first fix wiring.

During the build process we make several site visits to ensure our cabling is correctly run, test and terminate for second fix and at the end of the works carry out final commissioning and calibration.

A typical scenario would be TV/Sky distribution, network infrastructure and multiroom audio cabling, lighting control and perhaps a dedicated home cinema room. We also take care of system automation.

Even if your budget only extends to pre-wiring, now is the time to do it.

Home cinema

Home cinema can be enjoyed in many different room sizes, from basement cellar conversions to dual use living rooms. We've also completed many projects in larger than average rooms, including a 50 seat screening room for Her Majesty's government building in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. We can offer cinema seating, themed rooms and can introduce partner companies offering build and interior design to give you a turnkey solution. We will advise on seating position, the correct size of screen and of course the right system to fill the room with high definition sound.

Our systems start with standard 5.1 surround sound and increase to multi-channel Dolby Atmos systems, 4K video projection and 16:9 / 2:35:1 aspect ratios. Our favoured speaker systems, MK Sound, are the predominent choice of the movie industry's professionals and faithfully reproduce the soundtrack as intended by the director in post production.

Unlike many speaker brands who claim studio use, MK have no commercial arrangement with any studio. They are chosen by engineers for no other reason than the way they sound.
Every day studios such as Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Paramount, Disney, THX, DTS, Dolby Labs, Sony and Lucasfilm use MK speakers and subs to produce their films.
When films are mixed for release on Blu Ray at Tri-Star, MGM and Columbia - MK 150s are the speakers used.
From the LucasFilm THX certified 150 series through to small bookshelf monitors they offer a powerful, neutral sound.

We also offer Steinway Lyngdorf for the discerning client who wants the very best sound experience - regardless of room acoustics.

Music around the home
Wouldn't it be great to be able to listen to your favourite music all over your home, rather than in just one room? Even better - what about different music in different rooms, at different volume levels? Or even all on at once for a party! Our music systems will enable you to do just this - listen to thousands of radio stations from across the world, playback music from your own digital library, or using Spotify or Rhapsody to stream music that you don't even own. You'll be able to control it from a suitable iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/Android device with a free app. A PC or Mac can also take control, or even an on screen display on your TV. Listen to music in the bathroom, the bedroom, on the patio or in the swimming pool. Have your favourite track or radio station wake you up in the morning. Call in to find out more.
Boutique Home Cinema
A great home cinema doesn’t need a big room to make it work – we love the challenge of incorporating great picture and sound in smaller rooms. It’s definitely a cosier and more intimate experience.

In fact our dedicated in-store home cinema room shows exactly what can be achieved, this room measures just 3m wide x 4.5m long , and with the combination of MK's THX loudspeakers and Sony's latest native 4K video projector it’s definitely a stunning way to watch a movie or special event.

So, if you have a spare room or even a garage or basement to convert, you can factor in your own home cinema in that space. Why not give us a call or fill in the consultation form and we’ll get back to you with a proposal.

Wired for sound - and much more

These days our lives are made easier and more enjoyable by products designed to do tasks whether for work or for pleasure, and getting your home “networked” and wired correctly is a great investment in the future.

If you’re refurbishing a home or building a new one the time is right to get those cables in place, and we can help with designing wiring requirements for you. We’ll handle TV, Internet and distributed audio and video, working closely with site electricians and builders from first fix to final fit.