“The sound was stunning, clear, and articulate, with fantastic soundstage and dynamics. The dead-quiet background is an added benefit. The unusual dynamic range at lower volumes was yet another unexpected benefit of the design, and let's not forget the stunning results of Room Perfect.”

From a review of the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 integrated digital amplifier, which we offer for the discerning music lover. Featuring a 100% digital signal path, with the patented "Room Perfect" acoustic correction system.

With most systems, more than 50% of the sound you hear comes not from your speakers, but from your room. The placement of your speakers and the shape and dynamics of the room—echoes, reflections, and absorption—have great influence on what you hear. RoomPerfect™ is the most advanced and user-friendly room correction system in the world. It identifies the characteristics of your speakers and the influence of your room, and it takes the room out of the equation. With RoomPerfect™, your speakers sound exactly as the manufacturer intended them to, not the way your room makes them sound.

When combined with MK loudspeakers and a subwoofer you'll be falling in love with your music all over again.